Severe damage to Zoo habitats from snowstorm image

Severe damage to Zoo habitats from snowstorm

Repairs and construction expected throughout 2024 season

$11,580 raised

$100,000 goal

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Between January 8-12, 2024, Niabi Zoo experienced significant damage to facilities and infrastructure due to five days of heavy snowfall. The winter storm brought more than 25 inches of wet, heavy snow, which placed unprecedented strain on zoo infrastructure and animal habitats. Despite the challenges posed by the snowstorm, no animals were in danger or harmed during this time.

Throughout the duration of the snow event, the dedication and hard work of our staff were evident as they provided uninterrupted care for all the animals. The Zoo's 7 big cats had to be safely relocated to appropriate facilities within Niabi Zoo. Working with professionals, the Zoo developed a comprehensive plan for the restoration of the park and its critical infrastructure. The most significant damage included the collapse of the outdoor cat habitats, sagging supports in the eagle enclosure, partial collapse of the Pallas cat exhibit, and roof damage in the aviary housing birds and guinea pigs. The support structure holding up the carousel big top also collapsed.

Repairs and construction will take place throughout the entire 2024 season.